Key Reasons to Sign the Petition  and end limitless terms for the Town Council.


1. No one can beat an incumbent – especially one who has been in power for over 30 years. It has never happened in Danville.

2. Winning a town council seat should not be about taking advantage of being in power for decades.

3. Today’s Council Members often vote unanimously showing that they are single-minded.

4. Incumbency limits others from offering fresh ideas that are more characteristic of an inclusive community.

5. Incumbents have name recognition, major campaign contributions, and “friends” in the right places. They can afford glossy mailers, professional marketing, and more signage and advertising than a new candidate.

6. There’s no place in Danville for career politicians or lifetime appointments.

7. Term limits create more competitive elections, inspire more people to run for office, and give voters a wider choice of candidates who may better represent them.

8. An elected representative should listen to and represent the majority of the people, not cater to special interests.

9. Danville may be relatively safe from crime, but it’s not safe from career politicians.