1. Elected Officials Should Represent the Majority

Town Council Term Limits are a positive structural reform, a necessary step to change the incentives of our representatives for the better.  Winning a town council seat should not be about taking advantage of being in power decade after decade; instead, it should be about listening to the majority and making the best decisions for as many people as possible.

3. Incumbency Gives Unfair Advantage

Danville has a collective Town Council incumbency of nearly 100 cumulative years, with several members having been in power for 20 and 30 years individually. History has shown that long-time incumbency delays progress, perpetuates old ideas, and results in a stagnated vision. Term limits will decisively put an end to 30-year incumbents and usher in new, vibrant leadership with fresh perspectives to improve our town, rather than continue with political "business as usual".

2. Term Limits are Universal

Term limits exist at the highest levels of elected office in the United States. Term limits create more competitive elections, inspire more people to run for office, and give voters a wider choice of candidates who may better represent them. An elected representative should represent the majority of the people. 


4. True Representation For the Entire Community

This is truly the right time for Danville to enact sensible term limits which creates the opportunity to allow for new voices who want to represent and serve our community.  This would result in enthusiastic local leaders, with fresh perspectives, who are committed to the needs of all residents. This is the chance to bring civic opportunities to all, end conflicts of interest, and encourage true representation within our community.